Are romance and women authors writing men right? I asked all the questions.  In fact, if you can think of a question I missed please go right now and ask it  anonymously right here: https://forms.gle/nGAp4U3kTJGjkogd9


I'm super thankful for my special guest Dare Manus - checkout his books on amazon  HERE

and follow him on twitter.https://twitter.com/DareManus


I'm also grateful for erotica author H.A. Blackwoods, input - check out his book on amazon right HERE and follow him on twitter. https://twitter.com/HABlackwood7


I hope you enjoyed this and got as much out of it as I did. Remember, this is only part ONE. Be looking for Part Two, live streaming Saturday May 16th.

Coming up Next Week another fantastic audio drama from the mind of Mute_0 this time acted by my favorite undercover hotties InMyHandsAudio and the gorgeous inside and out AlexaYVO  (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) 



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