March 15 Claiming His Myshka Ch 5 - Live Stream With Guests

NSFW - language and adult



Chapter 5 - The Steamy Parts

Becca Joins my on a live stream to read Chapter 5 - All the hot bits.  Dima makes his move. 

And I get a very unexpected visit from a guest I've been wanting a chance to talk to since I first heard his voice.  And then he's in the room and all I can do is fall apart into a ridiculous mess.  I have no trouble admitting it. Yes, I was very silly.  And yes, I cut Becca off a bit abruptly. 

And yes, I must learn to listen and control my laugh. 

Thank you friends for putting up with me.  I appreciate you so much. More than you can ever know. 



Reading Claiming His Myshka Chapter 5

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