January 29th 2020 Sophie and Micah 3 -Grown Up Read Aloud

NSFW Adult themes, language and adult situations. 

This podcast:

The incredible Moyae reads Chapter 3 from Sophie and Micah's story - Sophie finds out just what those bead things are on Micah's intimate parts...

Now you can help

 Please help me get Ben to read for me.  (Hi Ben, I am a huge s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶e̶r̶  fan.)  You can just kindly leave him a message saying how perfect he is for reading Darre/Monster.  Look for him at   InMyHands on Literotica and send him a message or leave a comment.

He also has a +18 only NSFW  https://www.patreon.com/InMyHandsAudio  for longer clips, photos, and more of private glimpse of his life.  I really want to support him that way but don't think my husband would approve and I can't account for it on our budget even if it is ridiculously reasonable.  You can tell him Isoellen sent you.  And thank him for retweeting me and sending new listeners my way.  

Here is his twitter https://twitter.com/InMyHandsAudio @InMyHandsAudio

Here is my email so you can tell me all about it:  isoellen.writes@gmail.com

Here is a link to buy me more coffee so I don't die.  Gasp, you can donate to me so I can pay him.  Who needs coffee anyway?   https://givebutter.com/mOcFL4

Everything I have on Literotica is already on WattPad, but If you want to show me some love I'm over here in the corner clutching my pearls.  


You guys are amazing.



 Let me know.  Like. Comment. Share. 

New intro with music from https://www.purple-planet.com-Living In Hope 

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