January 17 2020 Adult Read Aloud Sophie and Micah Chapter 1

NSFW language, sexual themes, violence


A guest reader is sharing my new WIP Sophie and Micah - She reads it so perfect.  Hits all the notes.  I'm so freaking excited to be sharing this with you guys.  Sophie is a damaged girl testing her Independence by doing something her controlling mother has told her not too - going to the wrong side of town to take photographs of some of the abandoned and ruined places there.  When she misses the last bus home, she's stuck, with no one to call for help. 

This was my attempt at writing some smexy non-con romance.  Challenging myself create damaged characters who are oil and water.  It needs editing.  I repeat things frequently, but I think you might enjoy hearing it read aloud all the same.  Let me know.  Like. Comment. Share. 

New intro with music from https://www.purple-planet.com-Living In Hope 




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