Dec 14th 2019, Caught Chapter 11 Adult Read Aloud

Mature Audiences

Faced with all these changes, Anya is a bit overwhelmed.  Calix has some bad news. (well, he thinks is pretty bad.  Anya just wants to sleep.)

Thank you so much for listening and for your support.  I've been busy with the holidays, adulting and getting ready for my first book release.  I can' promise steady podcasts until after the holidays, but I will try to get something up for those of you who enjoy this story. 

Like, share, comment and all of that.  You can go back to the very first chapter and share from there too, if you like the book enough to tell your friends about it.  But no pressure.  My friends aren't aloud to read my smutty writings.  I don't think I could face them  

My characters (CALIX) are dirty minded.  Not me.  I mean, after all.  Don't you like your man to think all his dirty thoughts about YOU?  

Thank you for your support and your donations.  It really does keep me writing. 

love ya! 


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