An special tribute + an audio Drama

-safe for work-

A Thank You to @Mute_Errant

the actors of The Natural Ones

Monica Kelly Audio, Beddy, Q. Speaks, Amelia Woods


A SFW Audio Comedy Drama


(info - taken right from Mute's you-tube. Why reinvent the wheel?)

The Quest for the Chalice of Arnas has been long and hard.  But now, it draws to its end, with a Paladin, a Rogue and a Cleric facing their most deadly opponent ever...






Amelia_Woods_Audio as the Dungeon Master

Quincy_Speaks as Isgard the Paladin

MonicaKellyAudio as Mirthal the Cleric


ItIsWayPastMyBedtime as Zanborin the Rogue


Written and produced by mute0

Sound effects are either royalty free or created especially

Theme music composed and performed by mute0


Contact Amelia! (she's sweet!)

Reddit: u/Amelia_Woods_Audio

Twitter: @AmeliaWoodsVO


Contact Q! (he's hilarious!)

Reddit: u/Quincy_Speaks

Twitter: @QuincySpeaks


Contact Mon! (she's versatile!)

Reddit: u/MonicaKellyAudio

Twitter: @MonKellyAudio

Instagram: @MonicaKellyAudio


Contact Beddy! (she's sassy!)

Reddit: u/ItIsWayPastMyBedtime

Twitter: @PastMyBedtimeAU


Contact Mute! (he's... quiet... 😉)

Reddit: u/mute0

Twitter: @mute_errant


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