A cast interview and replay of the Natural Ones Audio Drama

Amelia_Woods_Audio as the Dungeon Master

Quincy_Speaks as Isgard the Paladin

MonicaKellyAudio as Mirthal the Cleric

ItIsWayPastMyBedtime as Zanborin the Rogue

Written and produced by mute0

Sound effects are either royalty free or created especially

Theme music composed and performed by mute0

Reddit: u/Amelia_Woods_Audio

Twitter: @AmeliaWoodsVO

Reddit: u/Quincy_Speaks

Twitter: @QuincySpeaks

Reddit: u/MonicaKellyAudio

Twitter: @MonKellyAudio

Instagram: @MonicaKellyAudio

Reddit: u/ItIsWayPastMyBedtime

Twitter: @PastMyBedtimeAU

Reddit: u/mute0

Twitter: @mute_errant

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